About the Candidate June Lloyd

From expericing different life experiences, has caused me to develope a political interest in politics. Also from being a native born American citizen, and after making comments and suggestions to the Obama administration. Has also inspired me to want to do more for my country by getting involved with the issues that our country is facing;and from my own personal experiences from living in this country. Has caused me to want to do things for the American people, to better their lives like never before. This is what I and my presidency will be about, if you elect me to become the next president of the United States.   


  • North seattle Community College Fall 2014. My studies will be Political Science.
  • Studied Private Investigations in Clawson MI at the Academy of Court Reporting and 2005.
  • Threat Management Center Detroit MI studied Urban Survival-Combat Tactical Training Anti-Terrorism Bodyguard Training in 2005.
  • Tri-C Cuyahoga community college Highland Heights OH, completed course work in English 1993.
  • John F. Kennedy High school Cleveland OH 1983.
  • Charles W. Eloitt Jr High school Cleveland OH 1978.
  • Crandwood Elementry school Garfeild Heights OH 1970.
  • Worked for Event Services as a security officer Reno, NV 8-2007 to 11-2007: My dutied included providing security for concerts conventions and other special events.
  • Worked for Sentors Security 6-2007 to 8-2007 Reno, NV my duties included: Providing security for a mens and womens homeless shelter. I was also assigned to protect there property, employees and homeless clients.
  • Worked for Diplomatic Protective Services Reno, NV, 2-2007 to 4-2007 my job duties included: Escorting employees to and from the vault while transporting diamonds and gems. Also watched surveillance monitors to ensure the building and employees safty. 
  • Worked for Burns-Pinkerton security Middleburg Hts, OH, at Eucild Meridian Cleveland cilnic hospital 9-2002 to 11-2002 my job duties included: Hospital building patrol, transporting deceased patients to and from the morgue, also assited with emergency room patients. During this time I also worked with the Euclid police department.
  • Worked for Reserves Networks Mayfeild Hts, OH 9-1998 to 10-2001 my job duties included: Working as a sever on the G-71 V.I.P floor at Cleveland clinic hospital in Cleveland Ohio. This is where diplomats kings and Queens, and also other V.I.P patients came from around the world for medical treatment. During this time I worked with the FBI, Cleveland police and Secret service. I also worked at different country clubs in the cities of Cleveland Ohio, Beachwood Ohio, and Richmond Heights Ohio.  
  • Worked for Playhouse Square Theater Cleveland , OH 10-2002 to 5-2002 my job duties included: Working as a bartender in there V.I.P boxholders lounge, this is were only V.I.P customers are served.
  • Worked for the Mayor Micheal R. White administration for the City of Cleveland Streets Snowbird Operations 1989-1995 my job duties included. Maintained communication with snowplow trucks, streets cleaners and other related equipment. Ensured that proper instructions were received and implemented, I also assisted in the decision making process for snow removal and pothole repair; and regarding other work related issues. I prepard legal documents and written reports for the directors, comissioners and the Mayor office. I also have done news interveiws regarding the streets condition during bad weather and received complaints from citizens, and worked with other departments within and outside of the city of Cleveland.
  • I also assited at the Grass roots campaign office of President Obama in Seattle Wa in 2012.
  • I am also and ordain Prophetess, I have a website independent ministry www.prophetessjunellloyd.com it will show you what my religous belifes are.


If you have more questions regarding my political career, please email me at JuneLloyd@yahoo.com, and I will get back with you as soon as possiable. I've always got an open ear for my constituents.

A stronge leadership team work and your vote can make this country a better place to live. So please vote for me in 2016 and watch me make it happen.